Friday, September 30, 2011

The Last Month

The end of August we tagged along with the Gillespie's camping. We hadn't been all summer and so after work Matt and I packed in 1 hour and met them there. I'm surprised I only forgot to pack a couple of things after packing that fast.

Kaleb and Ashton wandered away and had an impromptu photo shoot and these are the pictures Kaleb took. He does pretty good with a camera and Ashton loves to pose!
The 2 pictures on the left are right after waking up Saturday morning. Actually, Matt and the boys had been up awhile but Matt started cooking breakfast and let me sleep in -- heaven.
We took a hike up to donut falls which isn't really that impressive but it's still a pretty easy hike with a groomed trail.
This was the weekend we had the crazy lightning/thunder storms in Salt Lake so the second night was horrible. It rained all night but that I can handle, it was the lightning and thunder that was unbelievable. Kaleb and Ashton had jumped on our air mattress earlier that day so we were sleeping on the ground with nothing but a sleeping bag (awesome) and the ground shook and the rumbling was so loud and long. The lightning was so bright you couldn't keep your eyes open. I was really scared. Ashton never woke-up, I don't know how he didn't and Kaleb would sit-up sometimes because it was so loud. I thought either a tree was going to fall on us or lightning would hit our tent. You could hear people getting into their cars and leaving and if our car wasn't a 20 minute walk away I probably would have done the same thing. I never want to experience that again.

The next week Ashton started preschool.
(I know his "bangs" are a little long, he had a haircut shortly after. And we almost cut it short but he was scared of the clippers so maybe next time he'll have a short haircut.)

He loves going to preschool and I think it helps for him to be around other kids and not just me all day.

Here is Kaleb's 2nd grade picture. His teacher is Ms. Jackson and although he's never had very good handwriting his cursive is awesome and he's loved learning it.

The boys just finished swimming lessons and we're going to do lessons again in November. Kaleb didn't know how to swim before (the last time he had lessons he was 3) and now he can swim a full lap down the big pool. Ashton is getting more and more comfortable in the water and that's what we want. I don't expect him to swim at 3. I didn't get good pictures during the lesson but this was right after the last lesson.

And you'll notice Kaleb's missing a tooth. He started getting a gap between his teeth a couple months ago and I figured it was making room for other teeth since most kids lose their first tooth by 6 and he was 7. I kept checking and sure enough the bottom one was loose about a week later and so Sunday the 18th after a couple days of working on it he let my dad pull it out. I had wanted to make a tooth fairy pillow to put the tooth in but my sewing machine is at the apartment and it was the weekend so I quickly made a pillow at my aunts house with a pocket for his tooth and he left it for the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy left him with a note and a silver dollar coin and he had asked to keep his tooth so the tooth fairy let him keep it since it was his first one.

I really think Kaleb would love to take a hip-hop dance class or something like it. He loves dancing. We have "dance parties" all the time and Kaleb really gets into it. The other day just before leaving (which is why he's in his swimming suit) he told me to take a movie of him dancing. The first shoot he was facing the glass so he could see his reflection but I told him I wanted to see him, not his back so this was take 2. He even counts and says the steps sometimes as if it's a whole routine he choreographed.

And I've leave you with my project for tonight, painting this old dresser I found at Thrift Town that will be our entertainment center. I saw it 3 weeks ago and told myself if it was still there when that color tag was on sale for 50% off I would buy it and sure enough it was. I loved it but didn't want to pay full price. Matt helped me drill new holes for new hardware and we took out the top middle drawer for the electronics. I loved the shape of it and it's really long, plus with the drawers off centered from each other it doesn't look as dresser-ish to me. It came with a big mirrored hutch but we left that at the store. I'll take after pictures when we're done.



Melanie said...

I'm only a tiny bit jealous that you got to go camping with the Gillespies and we didn't. Jealous that you all got to be together. Not jealous that I got to stay home with my (terror of an) 18 mo. old boy. My kids didn't even stir with all the thunder. Na, na, na.

Can't wait to see the entertainment center!

Amber said...

I still feel bad that you slept on the ground. You should've come in the pop up. It would've been to fun to cram us all in there! Thanks for packing so quick to come hang out with us! And thank goodness the Tent Fairy Came! And I wish that I would've gone hiking, I mean eating ice cream, with you! NEXT TIME!

Jessie said...

I love the dresser and can't wait to see it finished! (I LOVE projects!!!)