Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The boys were happy to see a leprechaun left them treat bags this morning. Can't you tell by their faces!
(And yes, I know Ashton's "bangs" are too short, poor kid goes from not being able to see to this new style. I'm still not quite sure what to do.)


Kaleb saw me posting these pictures and wanted to take more silly face pictures. So here are the tongue-out pictures he loves so much.

Matt and I found the boys sneaking more strawberries right before bed the other night. They devour strawberries, although who wouldn't with a bowl of sugar to dip them into.

Photobucket The basement is coming along...slowly. Saturday Matt and I (mostly Matt) replaced the main water lines in the house. The old galvanized stuff looked pretty gross inside. This weekend we'll finish the plumbing by changing out all of the drains. The main reason we decided to change the plumbing was because the shower drain isn't sloped at all. So because the pipe is probably all rough and gunked up inside it collects hair and clogs every couple of months and the last time it took us 3 days to unclog it. Plus, everything is exposed so now would be the time to do it and I'll feel alot better covering up new plumbing than 50 year old plumbing. Matt's been awesome at learning how to do everything. I think the library is out of any plumbing and home improvement books right now because we've had all of them for the last couple of months. He's also had good advice from contractors and plumbers to help.

This is what the boys and I did at Lowes a couple of weeks ago while Matt picked out all the plumbing supplies. After I took this Ashton wouldn't put it on his head anymore.

(And see, he really needed his bangs cut, just not as short as I cut them.)


How awesome is this open-the-window weather even if it won't last for long. I'm ready for spring!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Colorado for our niece's blessing. Saturday we went swimming at the Greeley Rec. Center and they have the coolest indoor swimming place ever. I didn't take any pictures but this picture from their website shows half of it.
It's called Adventure Island and they have an area just for little kids with slides and all sorts of water features. Ashton loved the freedom he had to run around in that area. They even had 2 tube slides for bigger kids and one of them looped outside of the building. And it was cheaper than any pool we've ever been to. I hope someone builds something like this out here. The only time I actually took my camera out was at the playground. Here's Kaleb and Ashton having fun.Photobucket
After the demolition of the other 1/2 of our basement which took all weekend we were burned out so we haven't done much the last 2 weeks. I'm glad I have access to our apartment dumpsters because we filled 5 dumpsters with drywall, wood, carpet, etc. These pictures are horrible and it's a mess but this is what's done so far. The one picture (bottom) shows the family room end with everything ready for drywall and we had to put some furniture in there that wouldn't fit in our storage room while we work on the other half. The other side (top) is down to the concrete and the glued linoleum which was a surprise to us. We will start framing this weekend and there will be 2 bedrooms on this end and a bathroom that we won't be finishing right now. I uncovered one of the stairs and I love the white with the wood stained tops but they're so steep that I'm going to have to cover them with carpet again.


Our friends had their baby this week, Parker Ogden Quinney and he looks just like his sister, adorable. Here are some bibs and things I made for him. I had a struggle with my machine on one of the blankets but it was probably my lack of knowledge that attributed to most of it.