Friday, June 26, 2009

Free is Good

I went to THIS blog and found a promotion to get a free quart of paint. I just ordered mine in Clear Blue Sky. I think I'm going to paint an old desk I have that's bright yellow. Here's the LINK to get some free paint.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The BIG 5

Kaleb turned 5 on the 16th and had a great birthday. There is something about being half-way to ten that really makes me realize how fast time goes. I can't believe how old Kaleb is.
Kaleb is lucky to have so many people that love him and my aunt and uncle had a dinosaur hunt in our backyard for Kaleb. I think there were 50 eggs to find and lots of dinosaurs. Then we had a bbq with lots of good food. (We almost caught the house on fire from the bbq but the hamburgers still tasted great and nothing burned down.)
I didn't have time to make a cake this year so instead I made Star War's cupcakes. I just put stickers on top of fondant circles I cut out. It was really quick and easy and Kaleb loved it. I made sure to pipe alot of frosting on the cupcakes. I love cream cheese frosting.

Here he is after blowing out his sparkler candles. I wasn't haveing a good picture taking night so most of my pictures came out blurry.
Don't mind my "Happy Holidays" wrapping paper. I didn't have any other kid wrapping paper. Kaleb was excited to get a bike, star wars video game, lots of bionicles, star wars, and dinosaurs. (Oh, and a fish bowl, story to follow...)
Here is Kaleb with his aunt Sherrie.
Making sure the training wheels are on right.
Ashton's sporting new leg casts. (aka Kaleb's sandals)
So Kaleb got a fish bowl for his birthday so Saturday we set out to buy some goldfish. Meet Count Dooku and Darth Vader. (Yes, we really do live, breathe and eat Star Wars) So Sunday morning Darth Vader had turned more of a gray color than the black he started out as and wasn't being his active self. When returning home from church Darth Vader had gone to fish heaven. In order to get your free replacement fish you have to take in the dead fish so Matt took the boys to Walmart (I wasn't keeping a dead fish in my house) and they came back with 2 more fish and a small tank hoping it would be a better environment for them.

So meet our new fish; Darth Vader II and General Grievous. Count Dooku is still going strong. This morning Darth Vader II wouldn't eat anything and he stays behind the filter most of the time. So I'm hoping he's alive when we return home today otherwise I'm not sure I'll be replacing him with a Darth Vader III. Black goldfish must not like us.
Melanie had a great idea from a blog to make double-sided capes. So we spent a couple of days and made them. They turned out really cute especially for the little bit of sewing experience we have. This is Kaleb's cape on the one side is Superman and the other side is batman. He loves wearing it everywhere. Go to THIS blog to find instructions on how to make your own.

Monday, June 15, 2009

T-Ball & 65th Wedding Anniversary

We were able to have one t-ball game last week that wasn't rained out. Anyone that has been to a game with 4-5 year olds knows what I mean when I say it's hilarious to watch. They all go for the ball, they aren't sure where to run, they take the bat to 1st base with them, and they get bored really easy. We had a blast watching Kaleb. The first time up to bat he ran all the way to 3rd not realizing he was supposed to stop on 1st. The second time the girl on 2nd wouldn't go so he passed her and went on to 3rd base. When he played 1st base he would get the ball and instead of throwing it home he would run the ball and set it up on the tee for the next batter. It's a lot of fun to watch and he loves 'practicing' in our backyard whenever he can. (Which hasn't been much this week with all the rain!)
Saturday night we had a party for my Grandparent's 65th Wedding Anniversary. There were over 200 people there to celebrate with them. The best part was watching my grandma and grandpa dance.
I loved looking at their wedding picture and invitation.
Here is Ashton playing in the kitchen cupboards while we were setting up. (Thanks for the picture Liz)

I wish I would have taken more pictures during the event but I was too busy helping with food/punch bowls. It was a fun night and something I'll always remember.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm not sure why in my last post you can't click on the pictures to make them bigger so I'm posting the collages from my last post again so that you can click on them and see them.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My blog is my journal so here are the last 2 weeks of what we have been up to.
The boys love to read. Ashton is usually in his rocking chair reading and on this day they were both in his room reading. Kaleb loves blue candy, can you tell.
Here are some pictures from our zoo field trip/Matt's birthday. It was Ashton's first time at the zoo and he loved the monkeys.Here's Matt's awesome ice cream birthday cake that Kaleb picked out. Kaleb felt so bad that we didn't have a cake so Kaleb picked one out for him. Two weeks later we still haven't quite finished it. Kaleb and Ashton love taking a bath. Ashton loves when Kaleb spits water at him and when the water drains they stay in the tub and play slip n' slide because the tub is so slippery. They take turns laying on their stomache and pushing off with their feet. They love water!
Awesome picture, right? At Kaleb's end of year barbeque I took a picture of him and his teacher but the flash was on delaying the actual "taking" of the picture. So I moved the camera and this is what I got. Memorial Day was fun and relaxing. We spent the morning outside making a slip n' slide and Kaleb and Ashton loved it. Then we went to the movies, I took the boys to Night at the Museum 2 and Matt saw Terminator with the rest of the adults. I think that's the last time I take 2 kids by myself. Kaleb was really good and loved the movie but when Ashton was being loud I had to stand in the back until he fell asleep leaving Kaleb in his seat alone. I was only a few rows up but still, if I had to leave I would have had to drag Kaleb with me. (I didn't think Night at the Museum 2 was as funny as the first one) We signed Kaleb up for T-Ball and they had a baseball "camp" at the Bee's Field with all of the Bee's players on Saturday morning. Matt took Kaleb and he loved it. He had them sign his ball and glove after. My favorite pictures were of the kids stretching. (T-ball is some serious stuff!) Matt found some costumes (Star Wars Trooper, Knight, and Fireman) from a yard sale on Saturday and Kaleb had a fashion show. He made sure I took lots of pictures. Saturday we saw Up with my family. It's a really good movie and the boys really liked it. Squirrel! (You'll have to see the movie.) Ashton was smelling the flowers at Sunday dinner yesterday.