Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Saturday we went to the The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. Kaleb had so much fun looking at everything. He wouldn't touch the sting rays and so I bribed him with the puzzle he wanted in the gift shop. He had his hand in the water for almost an hour before he was able to touch one. Unless they came up by the surface he couldn't reach them. Thanks Matt and Melanie!
Ashton is doing great! I wish he would sleep for longer than 3 hours at a time but I'm sure it will happen eventually. He only weighs 6lbs 8oz and so he's under the 5th percentile for weight. Now that he is feeling better I'm sure he'll start to plump up.

Monday, February 18, 2008

6 Interesting Facts

I started typing this a couple days ago and I just don't have anything all that interesting to tell. So this is the best I could do.

1: In fourth grade I failed almost every subject and I received a "blue slip" for vandalizing the girl's bathroom. (long story)

2: I love to go to garage sales in the summer. Last summer Kaleb and I went out to garage sales almost every Saturday since Matt usually works. Although almost everything is useless junk I can usually find something I like or that is useful. You would be amazed what in my house I've gotten from garage sales for practically nothing.

3: I would love to be a photographer. Not necessarily for a job but more as a hobby. I love taking pictures and I would love to learn more about photography.

4: Most people I know already know this but I drive 99% of the time. Between car sickness and my backseat driving it's just easier if I drive. And as an added benefit Matt gets to deal with the kids in the car because I'm always driving.

5: We have moved 6 times since we were married in May of 2003.

6: I can't stand it when silverware touches my teeth. I cringe if I hear someone's silverware hit their teeth. It's hard to watch Kaleb eat because he practically bites the silverware as he scoops the food off.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The hospital called Matt while he was in class and said that we can take Ashton home! They weaned him off of the oxygen last night. Matt left class to pick him up and bring him home and they should be home anytime!

Ashton is still up at Primary Children's and he's on oxygen but they're hoping to wean him off of it today. It's hard to watch him struggle to breath. There are so many babies with RSV up at the hospital and there isn't much they can do for them except wait for them to get better. Kaleb was so excited to hold him the other night.

So, on a lighter note Kaleb has started calling Matt and I "honey". I usually call Matt honey when I'm talking to him and the last couple days Kaleb has started using honey also. Yesterday he asked Matt to get him something and when he didn't respond Kaleb said, "Honey, I'm talking to you." And today after I gave Kaleb his Valentine's Day candy he said, "Look honey, I have a push-pop." It's funny but weird to hear at the same time. I tried explaining to him that I'm mom or April. We'll see what he uses to call me the next time he needs something!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Unfortunately Ashton is up at Primary Children's Hospital with RSV. He started getting sick on Wednesday and Sunday we took him to the kidscare because it was getting worse. They said we needed to go up to Primary because he is still so young and they needed to do some tests. I feel bad for him because he had to have just about every test you can think of done on him. Hopefully it's just for 24-48 hours that he has to stay and then he can come home. We were just getting use to having him home. That is a picture of him sleeping in a laundry basket. Now he's sleeping in his crib in our room but the first couple of nights we had him sleep in the living room so that we could try to get some sleep.
He loves hearing Kaleb sing and Kaleb loves when Ashton stares at him. Matt was just called to be in the Sunday School Presidency and I was called to be in the Young Women's. We only have 3 girls and we only have activities twice a month. One is on a Tuesday and the other is on a weekend. Our ward is small right now with most of the apartments being remodeled into condos. On Sunday I took Kaleb to church and there were 12 of us in Relief Society. Saturday Kaleb went to zoo day at the community college with my mom and sister. He loved getting to pet the animals, although I hear he wouldn't touch the snake.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

On Friday at about noon we were headed to the hospital with Kaleb in tow and the doctor called us and gave us the good news that we could take him home. We told them we were almost there and were excited to take him home. Since Kaleb can't go into the NICU Matt stayed outside with him while I got Ashton dressed and ready to leave. Kaleb ran down the hall when he saw Ashton in his car seat. On the way home Kaleb couldn't take his eyes off of Ashton. He started singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider to him. He has been a big helper and he loves holding his little brother.
We're happy to have him home. Just like all newborns he sleeps most of the time. He loves getting his hair washed and brushed. Ashton has brought us so much joy already and we can't wait to watch him grow.