Monday, February 28, 2011


It's sad that this is my first post this month and today is the last day of February.

We had pictures taken of the boys for Ashton's 3rd birthday the beginning of this month. This was the first time Ashton has cooperated and would sit still so we had quite a few good pictures to choose from.


My brother Logan came home from his mission (Austria/Germany) on the 10th of February and we were all excited to see him. Eight missionaries were on the flight so it was a crowded airport that night. Kaleb painted this sign to hold up and Ashton warmed right up to Logan. He turned 1 right after Logan left so we made sure to talk about him and show him pictures while he was gone.
Here's everyone at the airport.


We've been trying to make sure we do fun stuff with the boys but everything seems to cost so much money and so I started signing up for the Build and Grow Clinics at Lowe's. The boys have LOVED doing this and it's free. They have them twice a month on Saturday's at 10am and you can register online. Also they have extra kits there first come first serve. This was a couple of weeks ago when they made music boxes and when the lid is opened the music plays. Last Saturday they built pull back race cars and we've already signed up for the 2 clinics in March. They get an apron, safety glasses and patch for each clinic that they can put on the apron. (Home Depot also has monthly clinics too.)
And that's a little of what we did in February.

Other random things:

* We're excited for a San Diego/Disneyland trip in May. Kaleb is excited to go to Sea World and Ashton wants to see all of the characters again.

* We took advantage of an upright freezer on sale at Costco because we also just received our yearly rebate check from them and so it was a really good deal and we've been debating for awhile now about getting one. I'm excited that now I can do more freezer cooking and make it easier when it comes to dinner during the week. Plus I love to save money and stock up on things when they're on sale and now freezer space isn't an issue.

* it [and sometimes hate it :)]. I wish I had more time to commit to running but between the lack of time and bad weather it's hard. I can't run very far on a treadmill (even with t.v. and music) because it feels like time passes so slow. But send me outside and I feel like I can run forever...not really forever but it was easier to run 8 miles outside than 3 miles on a treadmill. Weird, I know.

* I feel grateful to have the job I do with my kids being with me and how well they treat me but sheesh can people be mean sometimes. January and February have been hard months for me as far as work is concerned. It's hard not to take stuff personally just because people are mad about the situations they put themselves in. Especially when they take personal jabs directly at me...I'm sorry, I guess it is my fault you're 2 months behind in rent...not.

*I'll end it there now that I realize I'm just complaining and venting. I guess that's real life though and everyone goes through it. I'm excited spring is coming, at least that's what my tulips think so I hope it starts warming up. Until next time....