Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ready or Not...Here She Comes!

For my birthday Matt took me to Fetal Foto's to find out if we were expecting a boy or a girl. I couldn't wait until my 20 week ultrasound with having 2 boys I had to know what I was having. Plus, I didn't start sewing until after Ashton was a baby so I can finally sew things for my own baby and I was so anxious to get started.

Matt and Ashton voted for a boy and Kaleb and I wanted a girl, but we all thought it was a boy. I was so excited to find out it's a girl, still a little in shock though. Not as much as Matt, he had already bought a couple of boys things last week at D.I. he was so confident. 

I found out the beginning of February that I was pregnant. I had a really bad cold at the time and missed a day and a half of work and after a couple days of being late and being home sick I had Matt run to the dollar store to get a pregnancy test. I took the test and didn't expect it to be positive but it was.

The official due date is October 14, 2012. Kaleb was 2 1/2 weeks early and Ashton was 3 1/2 so I'm hoping this baby stays in until October.

This is from my first Ultrasound at 8 weeks. The little blob in the middle of the big blob to the left is the baby. You could see the heartbeat and that was about it.

With Ashton I took a test called the Intelligender. It tells you as early as 8 weeks what you're having. I took it at 11 1/2 weeks and this is what the results said.

With Ashton it said boy and was correct. This time it wasn't. Looking through most reviews it seems to be more accurate if you're having a boy but with girls it's not as accurate. So I wouldn't buy the test again but it was fun to try it again just to see.

This is me on Easter. We told our family when I was 11 weeks along and we didn't tell the boys until a couple days before that because I knew they wouldn't be able to keep a secret. It was hardest not telling them.

And here are some of the ultrasound pictures from today.

The "I'm a Girl" shot.

Front view of the baby with her hands by her face.

We're really excited to welcome a little girl in our family and since I had to buy a baby shower gift today for a girl baby I couldn't resist buying stuff for our girl on the way.

As far as gender prediction I thought this was kind of interesting:

Kaleb: based on heartbeat doctor predicted BOY
Chinese Gender Calendar predicted BOY

Ashton: Intelligender test predicted BOY
Chinese Gender Calendar predicted BOY

Baby Girl: Intelligender test predicted BOY
Chinese Gender Calendar predicted GIRL

So apparently the Chinese Gender Calendar is right on, at least for us 3 of 3 predicted correctly.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


 Easter weekend we enjoyed the sun. We spent the morning trying to teach Kaleb to ride his bike and then had a picnic at Wheeler Farm and figured the slightly sloped grass was a good place to practice on his bike.

Kaleb's getting close but we still have to keep practicing. We've been trying to teach him since kindergarten and it's been really hard for him. Anyone have any tips or tricks?

Ashton hung out on the grass as Matt and I took our turns running around with Kaleb on the bike.

Ashton was worn out after a long day on the playground.

Easter morning came and the boys had fun looking for eggs and checking out their Easter baskets.

Then it was off to Sunday dinner at my aunt and uncles house. It was hard keeping the kids out of the backyard until after we were done cleaning up dinner. There are only 4 little kids but my aunt hides 300+ eggs with candy, money and toys in them.

Ashton ended up with 3 buckets of eggs and I think Kaleb had 2. Unfortunately Easter didn't have such a great ending as my cousin Bryce was hit on his motorcycle but a guy that ran a red light. It was the first light out of my aunts neighborhood and luckily his sister was driving right behind him. So a bunch of the family ran down to help Bryce until the ambulance got there. So the night ended up at the hospital but I'm glad he wasn't hurt more than he was. He spent a week at IMC and has a long recovery.

Ashton wanted to take pictures of us, he loves playing with the camera. Although I finally had to hold it because most of his shots had just my nose or mouth in them.

I love all the hair tips I get from pinterest and have tried alot of them. One of my favorites is THIS hairstyle. It takes along time but gives you tons of volume. I had a really old curling iron that didn't get very hot so I bought one at Sally's that gets over 400 degrees hoping it would make it faster but it still took over an hour. So now that I had a hot curling iron I used it like a curling wand (although I didn't bother removing the clamp, no need to) and it only took me 15 minutes to do my hair. I love the loose curls and it was faster than using a straightener to curl it (which is my usual method) because I could take huge sections at a time. 

(My hair doesn't really look this red.)

This week Kaleb's soccer has started and my sister has been in the hospital because of a hip replacement she had. The boys love going to visit her and not just for the cookies and treats they supply although that's part of it. She's been a trooper even though she's been in quite a bit of pain. Hopefully she'll get to go home tomorrow and get some rest. She hasn't had much sleep with nurses and doctors coming in almost every hour even at night.

Next week is my birthday and I already know what Matt's getting me.  I get it on Saturday and I'm really excited so I'll have to post about it then.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Alligator's Are Cool

 Matt and the boys went to Colorado for most of Spring Break last week and they had a great time. They went swimming and this was one of their adventures at the alligator farm!

While at the alligator farm they held different lizards and snakes and one of them was a lizard gecko. Kaleb's been begging for a pet for years and we've failed at the fish thing so now we get to attempt lizard geckos as two of them came home with us tonight. They're just babies right now and in 9-12 months they should be adult sized. (Let's pray they make it that long, they live about 10-20 years) I'll try to take a picture to show you Deigo Change (Ashton's name, he wanted just 'change' since he changes but we convinced him to also come up with a first name and that could be his last name) and Spencer Snell (Kaleb wanted to name his Fast since he scampers around but then remembered Snell in German means 'fast' so Spencer Fast).

I missed them while they were gone but I stayed really busy and even planted a bunch of raspberries that I transplanted from my grandpa's garden in our backyard. (And I have the farmers tan to prove it!) I'm hoping for lots of raspberry picking this summer.

I can't believe it's April, I'm excited for:
  • warmer weather
  • dinner's outside
  • grilling
  • camping
  • s'mores
  • longer days
...not as excited for:
  • weeding
  • mowing
  • basically...yard work