Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Updates

  • We're finishing our basement. I have pictures on our computer at home but most likely tonight the computer will be packed away for a couple of weeks while we redo the finished part of the basement so I don't think I'll get to posting them. The unfinished part is framed, wired and insulated and we have to do the same for the other half. Hopefully at somepoint this weekend, or even Monday (Holiday!) we'll be putting up drywall. (It's going to be a romantic Valentine's weekend full of 2X4's and insulation!)
  • Matt only has 3 more classes until he's finished with his MBA. I can't wait until June and I'm sure he can't either.
  • Today I noticed 2 of our tulips are poking up out of the ground. I have been loving the warmer winter days.
  • Kaleb's excited to hand out his Valentine's tomorrow. We put them together last week and everyday he counts down the days until his party.
  • Ashton's getting attitude, I guess that comes with being 2. I tried taking the boys to the library, alone. I won't be doing that again. Kaleb does fine but Ashton thinks the aisles are for running up and down and then screams when you come after him.
  • I'm looking forward to a trip to Yellowstone this summer with Matt's family and we're looking into going to Disneyland too. I think Kaleb and Ashton would have a blast and Kaleb is tall enough to ride all of the rides so we figured it was a good year to go.
  • We had to buy a new fridge a couple of weeks ago and after lots of shopping we ended up buying a custom order that someone ended up not taking. Originally $1,499 and marked down to $851 and they gave it to us for $800. It's stainless steel but not the really shiny stuff that's hard to clean. Trust me, I rubbed my hands all over the front of it because I hate trying to get hand prints off of stainless steel (like our stove/oven). I really wanted white but the new white finish is glossy and looks like a car finish. I really hated it, too modern. So stainless it was.
  • They extended my call as nursery leader 6 more months and I'm glad they did. I love it in there and with all the new people we have in there I think it's good for kids to have some sort of consistency.

I guess that's enough rambling for one day. I'm a picture poster so it feels weird to post without pictures but that's what's going on with us lately.


Melanie said...

*You two have spent many a holiday doing house projects. You have excellent timing.
*I'm so jealous that your household is getting an MBA...
*2 tulips- and then it snowed.
*May I go to Disneyland too? We've actually thought about it, but decided that with an infant it would likely be pure torture.
*A W E S O M E D E A L !
*I appreciate that you're okay extending your time with the nursery. I have one of those kids that really struggled every time the nursery leaders changed. As soon as she would get used to one nursery leader and really come to like them, they would change it. So, thank you on behalf of all the parents that have kids like my Leah. We so love you!

Carl and Steph said...

Ashton's attitude is probably being 2. Ours has learned to throw tantrums lately.

That's a great deal on the fridge. You Snells seem to get great deals ALL THE TIME!!

I LOVE the kids section in our library. It's fairly closed off so the kids can't really get out. And it's okay to not whisper. They even have a castle with a slide the kids and play in. LOOOOOOOOOVE it! You can some see us instead of going to Disneyland. ( ;