Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ashton!

Time keeps slipping away....Ashton is 2 today!
Birth Day
1st Birthday

2nd Birthday



We Love You!

Ashton's new cheese face looks like he's going to beat you up. He just started this on Sunday.
Photobucket This morning he weighed 33 lbs. (although that was with coat, shoes, everthing) and I'm not sure on the height because I was trying to hold him still as he stood on my lap. The last month or so Ashton has become really clingy and he did NOT want to be at the doctors. He started putting on his coat to leave the second we went into a room. And his 2 year pictures last week were a joke. He sat on Matt's leg screaming and occasionally I would make him laugh.

The nice part is that he likes to cuddle more so I take advantage of that!


Amber said...

Happy Birthday Ashton! I love his "cheese" face!

Melanie said...

I love how excited Kaleb is in that video! And I am just laughing so hard at his cheese face. That really caught me off guard.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHTON! The kid has come a long way from those first few weeks.

Melanie said...

Oh and now you know how I feel any time I try to get Leah to do anything. Doctor visits, photographs, ANYTHING!

mrsbrown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHTON! He was so cute blowing out the candle on sunday. He's a little cutie i can't believe he is 2 and Marley is already 6 months. Time flies

Anonymous said...
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