Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The holiday season is in full swing and I love it! Matt put the Christmas lights up last Thursday and I love seeing the lights when we pull up to our house. I can't wait to put up the rest of the decorations this weekend!

The 15th was our wards primary program and Kaleb did a great job. I also experienced my singing my first (and hopefully last) solo. You're probably thinking "I didn't know you could sing?" and I don't. At least not solo sing. I was in choir but that was the "cool" thing to do when I was in high school. Our choir was huge. But overall I think I did a good job.

This last week has been stressful and I'm glad I have a long weekend ahead to spend with family and good food! These 2 pictures are from a couple of weeks ago; the boys loved the first snow storm (while I sat on the nice warm couch and took pictures) and then Ashton decided he wanted to wait in a laundry basket while we were getting ready for church one Sunday.



Carl and Steph said...

SNOW!! Oh, look at those big fluffy flakes! YUM! I'm sure you did great in church. You pretty much do great at everything, April.

Grandma Jorgensen said...

Kaleb and you did a great job in the primary program! You both sounded great! Your lights look great on your house. Isn't it nice to do what you want to to your own home.
Merry Christmas
Grandma Jorgensen