Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tomorrow we should be heading to Colorado for our niece's baptism. Unfortunately we won't be going due to this:A lot of the roads are closed and it's a very slow moving storm. They aren't discharging anyone from the local hospital because the weather is that bad. My mother-in-law is currently making the drive to Ft. Collins and she's going 10mph. Hopefully we'll get to see everyone in a couple months.

Matt and I both have tomorrow off so at least we'll be able to get a lot done on the house.

Yesterday I couldn't help but take pictures of Ashton's curly hair. I hope it never goes straight although Kaleb's did so his probably will too. Most of the time it's a frizzy mess but after he takes a bath they look so cute. It takes about 10 minutes to brush out his hair meanwhile I have to recruit Kaleb to entertain Ashton while he sits on my lap. I'm sure anyone who has a girl knows all about that.Ashton is pretty much a full-time walker now. He still likes crawling but for the most part his transportation of choice is walking. He thought it was funny to crash into the couch in the office and then into me.



Melanie said...

Holy cow, that is TIGHT OLD LADY PERM HAIR! So cute!

Amber said...

I've seen his hair curly, but never THAT curly! I love it! The video is cute too! I kept waiting for Ashton to crash into the desk though!

Sly Family said...

I love that curly hair and am so jealous my little one is still bald!!!

Thueson Family :) said...

That is SOO GREAT!!! :) YAY for walking and YAY for beautiful curly hair!!