Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and Ashton's Blessing

The day started with Kaleb hunting for easter eggs. Not much of a challenge in our small apartment but he had a lot of fun. He calls it the Bunny Easter.
Ashton was also blessed on Easter. Between Ashton's blessing, all of our family and friends that were there and all of the musical numbers I really enjoyed Sacrament meeting. And it was a beautiful sunny day on top of that. (as you can see by all of us squinting)
Then off to Sunday dinner. I made orange rolls for dessert and we had tons of yummy food. There were about 200 plastic candy-filled eggs (no joke) for everyone to find. Kaleb found most of them because there aren't any other little kids. He didn't mind, more candy for him.
This was the basket that held all 200 of the eggs. I think Ashton looks better in it than the eggs did though.
He's always so content after eating. And I love his old man wrinkles.


Amber said...

It was a beautiful day and his blessing was beautiful as well. And you looked really hot!

Amber said...

P.S. Ashton's smile is juicy! I love it.

Sly Family said...

Those pictures of your little boys are so cute! I especially like the one with Ashton in the basket, that is so fun.

Carl and Steph said...

What a special day. Your children really are beautiful, which is good, cuz you and Matt are good looking as well. Don't let Kaleb forget about us!! Awww..I know I say it every time, but we really do miss the Snelly-pants. Will you come play games with us here in Jonesboro sometime?