Thursday, March 20, 2008

This picture makes me laugh. Kaleb wanted me to take of picture of him in his McQueen vest. Lately instead of smiling for pictures he rolls is eyes and makes a weird face thinking he's being funny. So the only way to get him to smile is to make him laugh by doing silly stuff back. He was getting so mad at me for making him laugh because he couldn't do his "silly face" so seeing this picture I think of how happy he looks and yet how mad he actually was.
This is Ashton with his great-grandma at Sunday dinner. I love his "ooo" face.
Ashton still isn't sure what to think of the camera. This picture only shows 2 chins but I swear he's got a couple more hiding under there.


Melanie said...

Kaleb is so funny. And Ashton looks SO cute. Oh and by the way... what doesn't kill Luma will make her/him (we aren't quite sure) stronger.

Amber said...

Your boys are very cute, they must take after their mother!

Amber said...

It's been a very interesting day, good and bad news from the people that I love. She told me after work today. She wasn't really trying, but she never went back on the pill after Tyleigh.