Friday, April 4, 2008

Bath Time and 2 Month Appointment

Ashton loves taking a bath. Today Matt took him to his 2 month appointment and he has gone from weighing 6lbs. 8oz. at his 1 month appointment to 12lbs. 4oz. today. So he's not under the 5th percentile anymore he's right at the 50th percentile. Although Ashton only weighs 1/3 of what Kaleb does he looks really big when sitting on his lap.


Melanie said...

Holy Cow! That's some major weight gain. But he's so cute and chunky- I just want to squeeze him all the time.

Amber said...

He is a chunker with some chins, but very cute!

Jess and Joe said...

You're kids are so cute and you look amazing! I haven't talked to you or seen you in forever! If you want to read my blog email me at and I'll add you as a user! You look like life is going great! Take care and hopefully I hear from you! :)