Thursday, October 26, 2017

November 2016

Olivia was ready for school and wanted a picture with her Daisy Duck.

November 1, 2017

This girl just loves taking selfies with me. Most of the time she pulls crazy faces.

She was on a post Halloween sugar high that afternoon.

This girl always has plenty of accessories and jewelry on.

November 3, 2016

Another day, another dress for Olivia. The boys were enjoying ice cream. Kaleb won't ever just give me a normal face it's usually some scrunched up weird face that I'm sure one day he'll regret.

November 7, 2016

The field trip for November was to Harmon's to get a tour and have lots of samples. Olivia is a talker so she was sure to tell the lady giving the tour at the banana's that minions love banana's.

November 10, 2016

We took family pictures at Camera Shy again but this time went to the Gardner Village location to have different backdrops since they don't switch them out very often. The lady did a pretty good job, but she always had the light too far to one side so a lot of the pictures we had shadows on half of our faces. And sometimes I don't care for how far in they crop pictures because then certain shots you can't order any size prints or it cuts off parts of a person you don't want cut off. For the price though it's still worth it to me.

November 11, 2016

I didn't realize when she had them take this picture that they were in the same positions 3 years earlier at a different camera shy. I'll have to make sure every couple years to recreate this pose.

We had a luncheon at my aunt and uncles after my cousin blessed her baby. The weather was so nice for being November. I'll take 70 degrees in November anytime. The kids loved playing on the trampoline.

November 13, 2016

Kaleb was hiding from the camera again.

My cousin brought this game to play that the older kids and adults enjoyed playing.

I'm in the process (still) of trying to convert all of my parents VHS tapes before they go bad. Plus it's fun to have them in a digital format. This is me in 1985 just over a year old.

November 15, 2016

Olivia really gets into video games when she plays them with her brothers and is very loud and animated.

November 15, 2016

Playing games at Ashton's pack meeting.

November 17, 2016

We've done a Thanksgiving Dinner for the Elder's and their families at church and so this was our last one after Matt was released. I've learned over the years to always brine the turkey's and this time I was lazy and bought a brining mixture from Costco since it was cheap and easy.

November 18, 2016

We've always done 2 turkeys and I put them inside food grade buckets but it's easier to put them inside oven bags so that the turkey stays submerged in the brine instead of floating to the top. They taste so much better and are juicy when cooked right.

I love sunsets!

November 18, 2016

Since we were going to be in Colorado for Thanksgiving my mom did some crafts with the kids a couple days before. They made cookie turkey's and rice crispy turkey legs.

November 20, 2016

Then we had to play Pie Face. Olivia loved doing it but was always so nervous. 

It's normal to need sunglasses to take a bath right?

November 21, 2016

Olivia was playing with her kitchen and food and told me what to write down for her shopping list so she could go grocery shopping.

November 22, 2016 

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Colorado at Matt's brother's. We took a quick selfie in the hotel lobby after breakfast before we left to their house.

 November 24, 2016

There was lots of visiting, playing games and cooking.

The next day we went to see Moana at the theaters and did a little shopping. Olivia and Brea enjoying playing the fishing game.

November 25, 2016

Saturday we went to walk around the Fort Collin's temple. A lady was working on the grounds and I can't remember how many exactly but she had so many THOUSAND'S of bulbs to plant. (Not just by herself but that's how many they were planting.)

November 26, 2017

That night before going to bed we took advantage of the hotel pool even though we had gone swimming at a local rec center early that day too. It was a fun trip and I'm glad we were able to get together.

I'm always trying different things with Olivia's hair. This time I had put her hair into 6 or 7 small braids after her bath but before bed and this is what it looked like when she woke up. It had lots of volume that's for sure.

November 29, 2016

Then after preschool she was playing in the snow and wanted to throw a snowball at me. I didn't let her so she had to throw it at a bush.

More tea parties. This time with Costco's pumpkin streusel muffins, so good! I wish they weren't a seasonal item.

That sums up our November. Yes, my posts tend to have lots of pictures of Olivia but the boys are both in school all day and Kaleb avoids the camera like the plague which doesn't help!

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