Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogging...I'm slacking in this department...hopefully I can get some pictures of our Disneyland trip up soon. Although maybe I'm not rushing to put them up because I had an awesome eye infection for a good portion of the trip and I would wake up everyday to my eye(s) swollen shut and my face was pretty puffy. But I didn't care and we still had a blast anyways. Ashton loved everything and he even braved the Matterhorn and liked it, except at night so I had to tell him the "monster" was sleeping and covered his eyes whenever we passed him. Kaleb loves everything except some of the big rides (Space Mountain, Tower of Terror) and they even managed to get me on the tea cups. (never again) We had such a great time!

Ashton is potty trained! I gave up on potty training him since we were close to our trip and didn't want to deal with that in Disneyland. Funny thing, we go on vacation and he doesn't want to use his diaper anymore, just the toilet. Maybe it was all the time in the car at the beginning, who knows. So after we returned from our trip I knew he could do it and I was almost out of diapers anyways so I put him in underwear only and after 3 days off "training" he's done awesome. It's only been a couple weeks but he's doing great, sometimes he doesn't want to go and the kid either has a big bladder or something because for example yesterday he went in the morning and all day kept saying he didn't have to go and finally 9 hours later we convinced him to go. But no accidents. And he's been dry at night for months now we don't use pull-ups or diapers at night and he hasn't had any accidents. No more diapers, wahoo!

Kaleb was selected by his teacher for a special award yesterday at the awards assembly so I was invited to come. Each teacher chose 5-6 kids from their class and Kaleb's award was for always being a good example to the class. He was so proud standing in front of the school on the stage. He's had such a great teacher and he's learned so much this year. Tomorrow is his last day of 1st grade...then it's 2ND GRADE! And Ashton's also excited to start preschool in the fall, he's requested a Diego backpack.

We've been trying to finish up the small odd/ends house projects the last couple weeks. Matt's parents were here for a couple days right before our trip and his dad helped trim down the closet doors for the basement and hung them. Now we have to put the handles on. We took down the old homemade basketball backboard and painted the existing pole and tonight we'll put up a new one. Last Saturday we changed out and/or capped all the sprinkler heads in the front yard, after 7 hours of digging 25 holes and a couple trenches I was worn out. But now we have 6 big sprinklers for the front instead of 25 and hopefully no brown patches that have to be hand watered unlike in the past. We still have some yard work for the backyard and more dejunking in the storage room but things are coming along.

June is a busy month with my brothers wedding, wedding showers and Kaleb's Lego Star Wars birthday party. I'm attempting to make these, I'll let you know how it goes. Until next time...which I promise won't be a month away!

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Carl and Steph said...

I can't wait to see your new digs! You guys seriously know how to work hard and play hard.