Sunday, August 16, 2009

Colorado Trip

I'm finally posting pictures from Colorado from July. We've had friends staying with us the last couple of weeks and things are really busy with summer ending. Kaleb starts soccer this week and they asked if Matt or I would coach his team since nobody signed up. So I'm going to coach his team which should be fun. Kaleb is registered for Kindergarten and starts on August 31st. They start 1 week later than the 1st-6th graders.

The weekend started with a trip to an old mine. The boys liked the mine but I think Ashton enjoyed feeding and watching the chipmunks the most. After going through the museum part we went on a drive up the canyon to look at what was left of all of the old mining structures.

Here's Ashton waiting for lunch after the mine.

All of the boy cousins loved running in the sprinklers to cool off. Ashton on the other hand didn't like the cold water and preferred to cool off on the porch with some milk.

One of the days I went with Matt, his brother, and dad to a shooting range. This was the only picture I took because I was too busy shooting and loading clips. I was standing to the side and behind Matt while he was shooting, keeping my distance and all of a sudden I felt something hit my stomach. I thought maybe a shell hit me, even though it would have had to fly pretty far to hit me but it really hurt so I felt my stomach and there was a piece of metal stuck in my shirt. Part of the bullet had hit me and even though the metal piece didn't go through the 4 layers of fabric it hit hard enough to make me bleed and left a pretty good sized bruise the next day. So now I can tell everyone Matt shot me!

Even though they don't have Pioneer Day in Colorado it was the Ski Hi Stampede and so we were able to enjoy parades, a rodeo and carnival rides. Matt and I even went country dancing the last night we were there. We had a blast and we even remembered some of the steps we learned at BYU-Idaho. It was a fun filled weekend and a nice break from work.


Johnson's said...

I thought I had a pretty good story about Lars punching me in the face...but that's nothing to getting shot by your hubby :)

You're pictures are awesome! I can't believe how grown up the Snell boys are getting!

Melanie said...

Ha! Matt shot you, he would.