Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bibs and Burp Rags

I haven't had time to go through our Colorado pictures yet but here are some bibs that I made for my friend's baby boy Conner that is due next month. I'm NOT a sewer and so if I can make them so can you. I also made a blanket out of flannel. (It sounds so crafty, "made" but really I attached two pieces of flannel together by sewing them, pretty simple)

(These were taken late at night in poor lighting so they don't look as good as in person)

I did alot of research and I used the bib template from Chick Pea Studio that you can find HERE. I used terry cloth for the back so that they're more absorbant and just any fabric I liked on the front. There are so many options and you can add whatever you want to the front of them. You first sew around the edges (wrong sides together) leaving a 2 inch opening at the bottom and then turn it right side out. Iron, and then sew along the edge again. (If you're adding things like the elephant to the front be sure to do all of that before you sew the bib together) I used snaps instead of velcro. I made matching burp rags and the blanket using the same steps.
Here are 2 other tutorials that were helpful to me: Homemade By Jill & Happy Things


sweetmama.heather said...

Very nice! I love them.

Amber said...

April-thank you so much for making these for me! They are so cute and I can't wait to use them. I also love that they snap and don't velcro or have string on them!

Melanie said...

I'm so in love with them.