Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Today is Kaleb's 4th birthday! I can't believe he is 4 already. It's amazing to see how much he has learned in the last couple of years. He was able to open a couple of presents this morning and he can't wait for his birthday party on Saturday.
We also went swimming on Saturday and Ashton loved it. After awhile he started falling asleep so he took a nap while we had more fun in the pool. I love having a pool so close that's free. This is probably the only thing I'll miss about the apartment but I still have a couple more years to enjoy it.

Ashton took a nap by the pool. He loves sucking on his thumb (or whatever finger he can manage to get in his mouth).


Amber said...

Happy Birthday to Kaleb! It looks like you had fun swimming. Ashton looks cute in his floaty thing.

Melanie said...

Yeah Happy Birthday Kaleb! I can't believe he's four. Seriously, it seems like just yesterday someone called me to say he had just been born.

Thanks for conserving my self-esteem and saying I don't look like Yoda. He's cute and all, but in more of a fuzzy, gross, old man sort of way.

Tanya said...

what a cute chunkster you've got there. what little cuties you have. i love the picture of you and him.

Michelle said...

HAPPY Late BIRTHDAY to Kaleb!!! =) I hope that he had fun, by the looks of the pics, I'd say you all did!! =) I'm SUPER excited for girls night!! Can't wait to see you!!

The Porter Family said...

Your kids are just cute! The pictures of him swimming are so cute!