Monday, January 28, 2008

We were able to hold Ashton on Sunday. We haven't been able to hold him since he was born on Monday the 21st so we were really excited. Yesterday they took out his chest tube and all of the iv's except for one in his foot. They aren't doing the PIC line anymore because they're going to start bottle feeding him. We tried bottle feeding yesterday but he was sedated from getting the chest tube out so he wasn't awake enough to know what to do. He just needs to keep his oxygen levels up and learn how to eat and he can come home. We're still hoping that by this weekend we will be taking him home. Tuesday we will be taking his car seat in so that he can do the car seat test. Any baby that spends time in the nicu has to sit in a car seat for 2 hours. They will monitor him and make sure he is able to keep his oxygen levels up and stay stable. We also had to watch 2 videos on CPR and shaken baby syndrome before he can be discharged.

I can't believe Ashton is a week old already. It has been a long, crazy week but at the same time the time has gone by so fast. Matt took last week off of work and school and now he's back at school and work so it will be hard coordinating times to go and see Ashton. I also am back to managing the apartments. It's hard knowing we can't be at the hospital as much but we are excited to bring him home soon!

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Melanie said...

Ashton's a fighter! GO BABY ASH, GO BABY ASH!