Saturday, January 26, 2008

No more ventilator! Saturday morning we were shocked to hear they were going to take him off of the ventilator. When we came back at night it was gone. The sedation medications still haven't completely worn off and so he's on regular oxygen probably until Sunday morning. He just hasn't fully woken up yet. He's getting the tube out of his chest tomorrow and so we will finally be able to hold him. I'm so excited. He does have to get a PIC line put in tomorrow which is a small tube that goes through a vein in his arm up to his heart but it's just so that they don't have to continue putting in new iv's all the time and they can just use the one line.

Because he isn't eating formula or any real food other than the iv fluids his body can't flush out the belirubin so he has jaundice. That's the reason for the florescent light that has been on him for the last 2 days. He should only need it for another day. He gets to wear some foam sunglasses that cover most of his head. We are hoping that next weekend we will get to bring him home. It's hard coming home at night knowing he isn't there with us. But I've told Matt I'm sure I won't want to put him down once we do get to bring him home.

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