Sunday, September 9, 2007


Yesterday we went to Jordanelle Reservoir. Kaleb mastered fishing after about 4 straight hours of casting and reeling the line in. He loved it. Even though he didn't catch any fish he was just as excited to see the moss on the line. He also loved riding in the boat. Better get your fishing pole dusted off Grandpa Gary, because Kaleb wants to go fishing when you come out.

Matt rode on a tube and by the end of the day tried surfing. It took him awhile to get up because your feet aren't attached to the board and you ride the wake behind the boat.

Friday night we played games with Matt and Melanie and their cute daughter Leah
spoon fed Kaleb a yogurt. It was so cute! We had to take a picture.


Melanie said...

Kaleb looks so big with that fishing pole.

Grandma Jorgensen said...

Kaleb now has his own fish story. If you ask him if he caught a fish he will tell you he caught a "biggy" one and that it was this