Friday, September 7, 2007

School Time

Kaleb started preschool today! We were going to wait until next year but my aunts friend had an opening in her preschool. He goes two times a week and there are eight kids. He was so excited to go out and buy a new backpack for school. He told every stranger in the store about his new backpack for school.
September 28th is the big day. We'll get to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. Kaleb is getting excited about the baby. He thinks the baby is coming any day now. He'll find old baby items in his closet and get them out for the baby. It's really cute. I'm 17 weeks and although it seems like it's going fast February seems so far away. This is at 16 weeks, the belly is starting to poke out.

Matt has been enjoying his classes so far. He has a lot of homework but so far he has been keeping up. On Labor Day we went up to Park City to do some shopping at the Outlet stores. We found some great deals on clothes and Matt even got a couple things for the new baby which he is convinced is a boy. But we'll find out soon!

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