Wednesday, January 7, 2015

November 2014

Olivia loved getting into whatever Halloween candy she could.

November 1, 2014

Olivia definitely is getting into more trouble lately. She likes to hide behind the curtain and draw with crayon all over the sliding glass doors.

November 2, 3014

I took the boys to see Guardians of the Galaxy and Matt took Olivia to Cabela's. She loved all of the animals and fish. Matt always gives me a hard time for always asking, "Where's Olivia" all the time because I know how quick she'll run away. Matt can't give me grief over that anymore because he turned his back and Olivia ran off and he couldn't find her until he heard over the sound system that there was a lost girl at the front of the store. Don't worry, I haven't let him forget about it yet. :)

November 7, 2014

Olivia loves to take pictures the only problem is she usually won't hold still long enough to take one where she's more than a blur.

November 12, 2014

After our primary program we told the kids we would have a party. So we ended up doing a drive-in movie and kids brought blankets, boxes, plastic totes, anything they wanted to sit in while enjoying the movie and we had snacks and treats for them. The kids loved it and we had a really big group come. Kaleb and Ashton had a blast decorating their boxes. Ashton made his into a jet and Kaleb's car had everything from the tree air freshener hanging from his rear view mirror and even an exhaust pipe on the back. Olivia sat and watched a good portion of the movie in Ashton's "plane" with him.

November 14, 2014

This is our second year using CameraShy for family photo's and I'm still sold on going there. I can set the appointment online, you get 40 minutes for your session, which is about all my kids can handle anyways and within an hour you walk away with a disc with your pictures. And there are always so many pictures to choose from and I can edit and do whatever I want with them. Love it!

Olivia this time didn't want to smile or when she would smile she would put her hands up to her mouth acting shy but even with that we still had tons of good pictures to choose from.

November 15, 2014

This picture the boys had really funny expressions but Olivia was so cute so I cropped it with just her in the picture.

Olivia wouldn't hold her legs still when we were in front of this backdrop so the splits was the best we got from her.

Towards the end she kept lifting up her skirt for whatever reason.

Olivia for the last couple of months thinks it so much fun to turn the light switches on and off.

November 17, 2014

For Thanksgiving this year we spent time in Colorado and New Mexico with Matt's family. The drive out there was a storm that slowed us down but it wasn't too bad. It could have been worse and the weather in Colorado and especially New Mexico was really nice.

We arrived in Colorado on the 23rd and on the 26th we headed to Albuquerque. We first stopped to see the temple there.

November 26, 2014

They had a nativity on the grounds with music playing.

One of Matt's brothers and his kids also came and so there were 7 out of the 10 grandchildren there.

We stayed in a hotel around the corner from Matt's uncle where Thanksgiving was being held. The kids loved swimming in the pool.

The next day we all gathered to visit and play while the food was cooking. We grabbed a couple games for the kids to play and they loved playing Chutes and Ladders together.

November 27, 2014

There were also many games of tag and red rover. I was on Brea and Olivia's team if they were ever tagged. It helped discourage the boys from picking on the little ones. Olivia and Brea loved playing together in the dirt and leaves.

We all went for a walk around the neighborhood and the 70 degree temperature felt so nice.

The next morning we left to head back to Colorado and we stopped in Santa Fe to do some sightseeing. We stopped at the Loretto Chapel to see their famous spiral staircase that has no supports but is still standing.

November 28, 2014

There were also other churches and a town square that we walked around. For lunch the boys were with Matt's parents and Matt and I were trying to find something authentic to eat and we went to Tomasita's for lunch. They said the wait was going to be 45 minutes for the 3 of us (it was over an hour for groups of 4+) so we waited on a bench by the waitress' table. Luckily after about 10 minutes there was a table and the people must have left so the waitress saw us right there and asked us if we would like to take it. Maybe she felt bad for us since we had Olivia and didn't want us to have to wait but I'm grateful either way that she seated us right then. We figured with a wait like that for lunch it must be good and sure enough it was. I had beef enchilada's with green chile and it was really good, spicy but worth it.

The day before we left we went to the park to let the kids run around. Olivia loves slides and swings so she was in heaven.

November 29, 2014

This was the first time she's ever dared cross a bridge like this that moves and so she would carefully take a step and then get enough courage to take another. After successfully crossing the bridge she wasn't quite so nervous to cross it again.

While we were in Colorado I had time to put together our Christmas card and get them ordered. I love using Costco since they have the double-sided cards.

We had a great November and were happy to arrive back home on November 30th from Colorado. The next day the boys were excited to get out all of the Christmas decorations!

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