Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Fun

For New Year's we headed up to Logan to have a relaxing weekend. We visited the Hardware Ranch Elk Refuge again since it had been a couple of years. It was cold but sunny. It's always amazing to see all of the elk, there are about 500-600 elk that come there to eat during the winter. We also went bowling, to movies and did plenty of swimming at the hotel pool. It's always a much needed break after the holidays.

Soon after my cute nephew Eli was born. He was born early and was tiny. Even though it had been only 3 months since Olivia was born I had already forgotten how small a newborn is. He's such a cute baby!

With the big snow storms we had I was so excited to play in the snow with the boys. We were going to build a snow fort but as we were sliding Ashton around on top to pack down the snow the boys were having too much fun using it as a sledding hill. So we didn't hollow it out and left it as a sledding hill. It was dark when we made it but these pictures are from the next day.

The hill has melted down some so it's about 2 feet shorter but it kept the boys entertained for days.

Olivia is starting to get chubby like Ashton did, we'll see if she gets the same curly hair too. She loves bath time and is starting to figure out she can kick and splash. She's also usually too interested in checking out the camera and doesn't want to smile as easy for me. (far right pic) She's started sleeping better and last night was the first night she went a full 8 hours! Hopefully she keeps it up.


Eric and Justine said...

Your snow pictures look fun! Isn't it amazing when babies let you sleep. Too bad it doesn't last long...Atleast for me it didnt.

Jenn said...

Olivia is so cute! It was good running into you. So glad we live close to each other!

Thueson Family :) said...

SO fun!! Love the pictures!! :) :) Love ya!