Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New School Year

 I wasn't exactly awesome at blogging over the summer but we kept busy and had plenty of fun! I blame being pregnant and my laziness for not taking very many pictures. But here's one of Ashton holding a fish. He loved how squishy it was. Kaleb liked holding the fish unless they started moving and he would drop them.

Another school year has started and both of the boys were excited to go back to school.

Kaleb is in 3rd grade and has the same teacher he had last year. He's one of the few that already knows cursive so while everyone else has cursive homework each night he doesn't. He thinks that's pretty cool. They took their reading placement tests and he's at 6.2 level (average 6th grader in the second month of the school year). He has also loved being in cub scouts and all of the fun activities they get to do each week.

Ashton loves preschool and their class is almost all boys. He had a field trip today and loves any excuse to pack a sack lunch. The only challenge with Ashton is getting him dressed. Well, he gets himself dressed but wants to only wear long pants and long sleeved shirts. It's been like this all summer and Matt finally took his long sleeved shirts and hid them, all but a couple of them. Before this phase it was pajamas only even though he doesn't usually sleep in them, he would wake up and put them on every morning and a battle ensued. So when he puts on shorts and a short sleeved shirt when I ask him the first time I let him wear whatever he picks. This was his first day outfit, at least it wasn't stripes with plaid or something like that.

The soccer season is half over and it's been a fun season. Ashton is about the only kid on his team that knows what to do and so he is always running after the ball and making goals. And he's very animated when he does, I'll have to try to get a video of it. At kick offs he's usually yelling something almost like a war cry and running after the ball. Preschool soccer is definitely good entertainment. Kaleb's learning more skills and techniques from his coach and more about what the different positions do. Some games he's not very aggressive but he's definitely improving.

The boys are getting excited to meet their baby sister, almost as excited as I am! My doctor is hoping I can keep her in longer than I did Ashton and I am hoping so too, I would rather not have another NICU baby if we can avoid it. So hopefully she'll stay in a couple more weeks. Matt helped me with an art project I wanted to do for the nursery and I love how it turned out. I still want to do one other thing for the other wall and then I'm done! I've been busy sewing and nesting although with cleaning I can't seem to keep up so it seems like the house will never be "ready". I feel like my stomach can't stretch anymore but I know she needs more time to grow and I need more time to get last minute things ready before she comes. But we're excited that it's getting close!

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Jessie said...

Your boys are sooooo cute! Jeff and I are still laughing about Ashton sitting and patting our pumpkin the other night ;)

We're excited to meet your little girl too!