Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kaleb's Baptism

Kaleb was lucky to have his baptism on his 8th birthday. He's been looking forward to this for months.
Matt's parents and some of his cousins from Colorado came out for the baptism.

Kaleb planned the whole program and it truly was an amazing baptism. It was the perfect day for the perfect boy!

Ashton was being a stink that day and it took so long to get him to even pose for a picture so this is the best we got.

After we had a lunch at our house with family and friends. Kaleb loved having everyone at his baptism and so many people helped out to make the day special and less stressful for me so thank you! Although I did forget to pull out the cake until after people started leaving but other than that it couldn't have been any better.

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Thueson Family :) said...

I can't believe that he is already 8!! Yikes!! But thank you for letting us be apart of his special day! :)