Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 2012

 We spent our "May the 4th...be with you" at the Murray Library where they had a bunch of Star War's guys to take pictures with and a couple of activities. We arrived early but the library was still packed with people so we didn't stay too long.

Another season of soccer is over. Kaleb did really good this year and you could tell he's more aggressive at going after the ball than past seasons. We might sign Ashton up for the preschool age division in the fall so he can get out there and run around but I'm not sure if it would be worth the money. He likes watching his brother play and says when he gets bigger he wants to play.

 After soccer ended we enjoyed our evenings of no games and practices by being outside. This was outside enjoying our Coldstone treat one night. We've made many trips to the park and the boys love playing in the backyard and with the neighborhood kids.

Ashton had his preschool graduation (until it starts again in the fall) last week and in pairs they had to say a poem that they had memorized during the year. Ashton knew every word but you could barely hear him because he was talking so quietly in the microphone.

They sang a bunch of songs they had learned and it was cute to see them do the actions. 

Here's part of a song from the program. It was cute because a couple of the girls would sing/yell really loud through every song.

 And here he is with his certificate.

We took our first snow cones of the year over to Wheeler Farm to check out the animals. The boys never get sick of going to Wheeler Farm and I'm glad we live so close.

When we have been at home we've been working on getting the house organized. The boys had been begging to move their bunk beds together for months now so we moved them into one room and made a toy room in one of the basement bedrooms which moved the guest bed to a different room too. So as if everything wasn't already a mess from that shuffle we added bi-folding doors to the upstairs closets instead of sliding doors since they're hard for the boys to open and with sharing a closet they'll get used more. The opening was too big so we had to add a 2x4 and drywall/mud everything to get the correct height. So for a couple of weeks our house was a disaster. But the nursery is now painted with furniture and the boys room is organized and put back together.

For some reason the last month of school always seems to be the busiest of the school year with so many field trips and things going on so I'm ready for summer to begin and enjoy the next couple of months before the baby comes.

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