Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ashton's Birthday

 Ashton had a great 4th birthday in January. He wanted a Star War's cake and my aunt and uncle picked up an awesome Clone Wars cake for him. He still talks about how cool the cake was. 
On his birthday Ashton took his birthday money and gift card and picked out some toys at the store. Then on Sunday with family we had cake and ice cream and he opened more presents. He was so excited and kept squealing when he opened a new Star Wars ship.

I can't believe he's 4! Lately Ashton has been wanting to be carried around and before his birthday I told him when he turned 4 he was too big to be carried. He was kind of sad that we wouldn't pick him up anymore. He asked Matt to hold him on his birthday and Matt said he couldn't because he was too big. Later he came to me and asked me and not thinking about it I picked him and he said, "Look, you can hold me, I'm not too big anymore. But daddy can't carry me anymore." 

Monday our whole family went to the Jazz game for my mom's 50th birthday. Ashton wasn't a fan of the noise but he wouldn't keep his ear plugs in. Kaleb loved the game and would scream, cheer, and dance. We were glad they pulled out a win after being behind for most of the game.

We did finish remodeling my parents basement rental last week and it was nice to finally finish. It has a small kitchen but it was still alot of work. It made me think twice about ever wanting to remodel my own kitchen.


Liz and Logan said...

The kitchen looks awesome! We'll have to sneak down when he's out of town and check it out in person ;)

Amber said...

I'm sure that Ashton about died when he saw that cake! And I LOVE the kitchen! You guys did a great job. I love the white cabinets and how simple and classy they are. Good choice!