Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No More Long Locks...

November was a busy month with another session of swimming lesson. Kaleb loves being able swim around with his goggles on. Ashton does really well in the water and is working on his coordination with the different swimming strokes.

The biggest thing to note is that Ashton has a short haircut now! I was making rolls on Thanksgiving Day and Matt was trimming Ashton's hair which I usually do. I went to check on things and the bangs were too short and the sides were also to short to do a shaggy, longer haircut like he had so I had no choice but to cut it. This picture was right after we finished cutting his hair. Everyone can't believe how different he looks but he looks more like Kaleb did at that age. I miss the longer hair but he does look like a stud when his hair is spiked.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving we put up the Christmas decorations. The boys were so excited. They have their own tree in the basement that they put their ornaments that they collect on. They even built a train track to go around the tree downstairs. This is the tree in the living room. We have a skinnier tree and I have so many ornaments not all of them fit on the tree. The boys put most of the ornaments on the tree and surprisingly I only had to move a couple of them. Ashton thought the metal reindeer had to be with a friend but 2 to a branch was a little too heavy.
 Whenever we go on a trip for our souvenir we try to find an ornament to match our tree. This white gold leaf is from Yellowstone.
We've collected a couple from Disneyland too. It's fun because every time we put up the tree we remember where each ornament came from and the trip's we've taken.
Over the last couple of years we've been collecting the Jim Shore figurines of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer but this year we added to the collection with some of the Disney figurines.

Matt bought  me this nativity set a couple of years ago and the stable was made by someone in our ward. I love the rustic wood stable.
Matt put the lights up on Veteran's Day (we didn't turn them on) since he was off and it was still warm outside. The "trees" are tomato cages I picked up at Home Depot and wrapped lights around. Another Pinterest idea I had to try and I'm glad I did.

We had our ward Christmas party last Saturday and the festivities keep going with family parties and lots of baking to get done. I'm just glad we had our Christmas shopping done before December started, one less thing to worry about!


Liz and Logan said...

I love the your tomato cage Christmas trees out front! I'll have to steal some of these ideas when we eventually have a house :)

Brenda and James Fisher said...

Ashton looks so cute with his hair cut! And what a great idea about the little Christmas trees in front of your house. I didn't see that on Pinterest but I'm definitely stealing it next year.

Jessie said...

I LOVE your Christmas tree! So beautiful! Ours this year looks a little funny because Bronson is too young to understand why we don't want him playing with the ornaments.... so it is currently only decorated on the top 1/3. Maybe one year I will have a pretty tree ;)

Amber said...

Wow! Ashton really does look so different and so much more like Kaleb! I can't believe you actually cut it. I have always loved your Christmas tree and I love the silver leaf ornament!