Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I feel like the weeks and months are going by so quickly! We're keeping busy and as the warmer weather gets here I'm sure things will be even more crazy.

We saw How to Train Your Dragon on Monday and it was awesome! Kaleb and Ashton loved it and Ashton loves making dragon sounds.

We're so close to being done with the framing in our basement and Matt started wiring and insulating that half of the basement last night. Hopefully this weekend we can get some yard work done and build some boxes for a garden if the weather is nice.

Kaleb starts soccer in about a week and I'm coaching again. This time it's not coed and so wish me luck getting a team of 5-6 year old boys to listen to me. I'm excited to start being outdoors more and to start enjoying the sunshine.

We had a great Easter and the boys have more candy than they could ever eat.


Here's the Easter grass we planted 3 weeks before with the snow and tulips in the background. Every morning the boys would check to see how much the grass had grown.


As the boys found the eggs they lined them up so that they could count how many they had.


That afternoon we went to my aunt and uncles house for dinner and another Easter egg hunt. This time with 300 eggs and about 6 to kids to look for them. They're spoiled which is why we have so much candy!



Ashton has a LOVE for food and cooking. Not so much to eat the food (we kid he has an eating disorder because he spits most of his food in the garbage can) but he loves cooking and watching food be prepared. A couple of weeks ago I was gathering ingredients for dinner and when I went downstairs to grab something else Ashton had added the flour to the pot, unwrapped the butter and put it in and grabbed a whisk out of the drawer and was stirring everything together. When I came back up he looked at me and said "I cooking!" He then tried to turn on the stove which luckily he can't do and pulled the salt shaker out in case I needed it.


If ever anything is in the oven he grabs a hot pad out of the drawer and waits for the timer to go off. This was Easter morning and he sat there with his hot pad just waiting for me to take the casserole out of the oven.

Also, the 2 pictures above show my dilemma with Ashton's hair. You can see the horrible rats nest on his head in the first picture and that's usually what it looks like and it's a pain to brush out. But then when I do get it brushed out like in the second picture I see the curls and can't get myself to actually cut them off. But when straight it reaches his mid-back and even curled up it's starting to get a mullet effect. I know I just have to do it but I can't. I know it won't be curly like that and I can't picture him with any other haircut. I know it sounds silly but I can't convince myself to actually do it!


Brenda and James Fisher said...

Cute idea with the grass! It looks like you had a great Easter Sunday.

Carl and Steph said...

You could just start pulling Ashton's hair back into a pouffy pony-tail like the polynesians do. Or stick a helmet on him and let it all hang out. Just because he's white doesn't mean he can't do that too. ( ; Sorry I can't be much more of a help because I would feel the same way!

Amber said...

That's so cute that Ashton wants to help you cook! I hope that Conner will want to cook with me one day. And I never realized that Ashton's hair is THAT LONG! It never looks that long when I see it! I think you should just cut it!

Anonymous said...

It is not thaaat long. Grandma votes to let it be. It was only that long in the picture because he was leaning back. Your hair was curly when you were longer and then it grew out. Maybe he can just star in the movies with it long, or maybe he will invent a shampoo for men with long hair. Good thing grandma isn't the mom huh?!