Monday, July 13, 2009

Catch Up

I know, this is my 3rd post tonight and I should go to bed but I don't seem to find time during the week to blog and we're going camping (Wahoo!) and to Colorado soon so the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy. (Oh, and all of our fish died from getting Ich, maybe we'll get lucky with #5!)

The 4th of July was fun. It started with the parade, we saw Ice Age 2 and then a BBQ and fireworks.

You'll notice Shawn Bradley from the NBA on the right (he's a regular around Murray) but that's not why I took the picture. See an advertisement here? (It was a LONG parade)

My mom was a good sport to make sure Kaleb and Ashton were in on the candy action.

And T-Ball is officially over. Kaleb had so much fun playing. We've already signed him up for soccer in the fall. By the end of the season they were doing coach pitch and most of the time he was able to hit the ball.

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Amber said...

I am so excited for camping too!!!