Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We had a great Easter last week and Ashton learned quick how to get the candy out of the plastic eggs. I think we all ate too much candy on Easter. We did get moved in over Easter weekend. Matt and I moved almost everything throughout the week and then Friday and Saturday we had some help getting the big stuff. My motivation for painting is gone. I told myself I would post pictures next week so hopefully that will make me want to finish the rest of the painting. Matt has been a lot more motivated than me.

We love being in the house. It's hard being at the apartment during the day with the boys when I know they would rather be at the house playing in the backyard but you do what you have to do. Saturday when Matt went to get gas for the lawn mower he stopped by a yard sale in our neighborhood and hit the jackpot. So he stopped by and told me I had to help him go through all of the clothes. We bought Ashton 35 items of really nice clothing and 3 pairs of shoes for $15 and I'm sure I could have found more but there were so many clothes to sort through I didn't get through them all. I'm glad Matt has Saturday's off now so that we can have something fun to do on Saturday mornings. I know, we're weird, we love yard sales and second hand stores. I'm sure if you ask Matt he would probably say I'm addicted to them. (oh, and don't forget craigslist!)

So I think I'm done rambling now, that's what's going on with us. Monday -- I will post pictures of the house, with or without the cabinet doors in the kitchen!


Carl and Steph said...

Thanks so much for the update!! I hope Matt his happy at Branch 20. I loved not having to work on Saturdays, EVER!! Ashton and Kaleb are of course adorable. And that was an incredible find at the yard sale. When we come back, we'll be yard-sale buddies, okay? I can't wait for pictures of the house!

Melanie said...

YEAH! Happy birthday April!