Monday, December 29, 2008

We had a great Christmas and instead of posting a bunch of pictures here's video of Kaleb and Ashton. Ashton didn't care too much to unwrap the presents but once he saw what was under the paper he would get excited.

The present at the house that was too big to fit under the tree was a trampoline. Even though it was freezing cold and starting to snow Kaleb had to try it out.

Thanks to everyone for all of the great gifts.


Melanie said...

So where is the video of Kaleb on the trampoline?

What a great Christmas! Except all I could think of, listening to that video, was, "Get better soon April."

Amber said...

Kaleb is like, so where's my gift? And Ashton could've cared less until he saw the toy! April you are brave to buy a tramp. I have seen SO MANY kids get hurt on those-please watch them and be careful!

Snell Family said...

I was a wuss and watched from inside so no video or even pictures of the trampoline. (Maybe when the snow melts off of it!) The trampoline has an enclosure so hopefully that will help and Kaleb plays on my parents trampoline all the time and loves it!

Carl and Steph said...

I love how ashton's jammies feet drag behind him. That's great. I'm glad ya'll had a wonderful christmas. Tell Kaleb not to get stepped on when he walks with the Dinosaurs.