Thursday, September 11, 2008

Matt made pancakes this morning and this is all that's left of the HUGE pancake Matt gave him (minus the crumbs all over the floor). I can't believe how much he can eat! I'm sure everyone else can when they see him but he eats as much as Kaleb sometimes.


Sly Family said...

That is funny that I read your blog today about giving Ashton pancakes because I was just thinking about giving Isabelle pancakes. I have been trying to think of things to feed Isabelle that isn't baby food. If you have any suggestions let me know being the veteran you are.

The Peterson Family said...

Oh he is such a little chunk a munk! He is adorable!!!

Hayden is a bird earter. All he wants is junk food. He does like meat though!

Amber said...

I love his smile! He is so happy to have eaten the whole pancake. If he could talk, he would've asked for another one!