Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer is coming to an end and our pool will close on Monday. We will definitely miss being able to swim all the time but I won't miss having to babysit the residents using the pool. Ashton had a doctors appointment last week and weighs almost 21 lbs. I actually thought he might weigh more than that due to how heavy he is to carry around. He's really good at sitting up now which I'm thankful for because I don't have to carry him around in his carseat now that he can sit in the shopping cart. He still prefers crawling/scooting backwards but he can go forwards now. He just doesn't do it very often.

Kaleb starts preschool September 3rd. I keep telling him it's a different preschool and teacher than he had last year and he says he doesn't want to go to a different one. I'm sure he'll change his mind once he starts going. This preschool is in the same building where they teach gymnastics and so once a week they let the little kids go into the gym to play with all of the toys and equipment. Matt just started his LAST semester this week! At least his last semester at the U of U then he'll start his masters at the University of Phoenix (here in Salt Lake). As for me I just play all day with Kaleb and Ashton! If only it were that simple. But with the apartment market as good as it is my job is pretty easy right now so I can't complain.


Melanie said...

I don't know if I told you this enough the other night... but I LOVE that rug.

Sly Family said...

Look at those thighs on that kid! I love it! And Kaleb is such a handsome looking man!

Amber said...

All your boys are growing up! And I love the rug as well, it was so soft!