Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Girls Camp

Last week was girls camp and we had a lot of fun. It was just me and my 4 YW but they did a lot of activities as a stake. Each night a priesthood rep. would come and stay with us and Brad was lucky enough to lose a jump roping bet and have his nails painted. The girls had a lot of fun teasing him. Someone made a stretchy ring that you would bounce eachother around in. It was a lot of fun and I had never seen anything like it. We had awesome food. I love good food when you're camping and I think we ate better than any other ward.

Camp was a lot of work and now we're getting ready to go camping again. Wednesday we leave for Colorado to go camping with Matt's family. Kaleb is so excited to try out his fishing pole he got last Christmas. Last night someone broke into our storage unit. They took everything out but we don't think they took anything. Luckily with going camping last week and this week half of our stuff is at our apartment. The only things in there are Christmas decorations, baby items and outgrown clothing. Not what they were looking for I'm sure.


Amber said...

I bet you are relieved that camp is over! It looks like you had fun though. I didn't know that it was just you and the girls, I thought you had more help. That sucks about your storage unit. Why do people have to do things like that?

TraciP said...

I tried one of those big strechy things when I was at Ricks... they called it the Big Green Booger. Lovely name huh? =) But it was a ton of fun!
Sorry to hear about your storage unit, that stinks!

Me and My Boys said...

Camp can be really fun especially with good food!! I'm glad that Brad was such a good sport.