Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ashton is still up at Primary Children's and he's on oxygen but they're hoping to wean him off of it today. It's hard to watch him struggle to breath. There are so many babies with RSV up at the hospital and there isn't much they can do for them except wait for them to get better. Kaleb was so excited to hold him the other night.

So, on a lighter note Kaleb has started calling Matt and I "honey". I usually call Matt honey when I'm talking to him and the last couple days Kaleb has started using honey also. Yesterday he asked Matt to get him something and when he didn't respond Kaleb said, "Honey, I'm talking to you." And today after I gave Kaleb his Valentine's Day candy he said, "Look honey, I have a push-pop." It's funny but weird to hear at the same time. I tried explaining to him that I'm mom or April. We'll see what he uses to call me the next time he needs something!

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Melanie said...

That is so funny. At least you call each other nice names though. It could be worse, you could be calling each other Snot Face.