Sunday, December 9, 2007

I have a baby too!

Just before bed Kaleb came out of his room with one of his balls stuffed under his pajama shirt and came and told me that he had a baby too. Just like mommy he had a baby inside of his tummy. He thought he was pretty clever for thinking it up on his own so we had to take a picture. It was good to have a laugh after what we had just come home to. We came home from Sunday dinner and I heard dripping in our living room and found that we had water leaking onto our presents that were wrapped and under the tree. The tree is by our sliding glass door and there must be ice build-up on the patio above ours. So we had to unwrap a couple of our presents and air them out. We were lucky that the new printer we had under the tree was wrapped in plastic inside the box because the water was dripping right onto the box.

Other than that we had a pretty slow weekend. We ended up staying home on Friday and Saturday night which never happens but Matt has finals this week so it was nice that he had some time to study. I can't believe I'm almost 31 weeks. Only 2 more months until we have a baby again. It seems like it has been forever since Kaleb was a baby. We're excited for Christmas and I can't believe it's only a couple of weeks away. Kaleb wrote (well, colored) a letter to Santa this year and he would like "Bumblebee, a fishing rod, and a helicopter". That's what he tells everyone. If anyone knows anything about these Bumblebee action figures from Transformers they're extremely hard to find. We were constantly driving to different Wal-marts and finally an associate told us there is only 1 bumblebee per box and so you have to come right as they're stocking the shelves and hope there aren't other "collectors" (or as I like to think people who sell them for double on ebay) there waiting. So Matt was a trooper one night and woke up at 1:30am and went to all the Wal-marts and arrived home at 4:30am with Bumblebee in hand. Santa has a hard job but I guess someone has to do it. And not only that but Matt wrapped all of the presents this year. Usually my job and he was nice and took care of everything already. He's a great Santa!

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